Carrier bag     Carrier bag


Name Quantity, pcs
Electronic module MET-D1А in aluminum body 1
Dynamic probe D, DSh 1
Wipping-rod for the probe DSh 1
Cable for connecting dynamic probe to electronic module 1
USB cable for connecting to PC and charging device 1
Charging device 1
Storage battery of АА type 4
Key for screws of battery compartment 1
CD with "МЕТ" external software 1
Calibration certificate 1
Operating manual 1
Universal case for fixation of electronic module on forearm, neck and waist belt 1
Packing bag 1


Has side pockets for probes, strong belt loop, a cuff fore the forearm.
Enables hardness tester to fix the electronic module in any suitable position.

Hardness tester fixation at breast height
Fixation at breast height
Hardness tester fixation of the waist belt
Fixation of the waist belt
Hardness tester fixation on arm
Fixation on arm

USB port for connecting to computer

USB port and CD width in-house software

Enables to transfer data to the PC for review, storage, selection, processing, making graphs and further printing.

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