The below listed accessories are subject to extra charge.


Two hardness reference test blocks with maximum and minimum possible hardness values are used to check the accuracy of hardness tester readings and, if necessary, calibrate it.

For instance, if you are testing hardness on Rockwell "C" scale, to calibrate the hardness tester you will need two Rockwell hardness test blocks with values 255 HRC and 655 HRC.

Calibration is carried out by the user according to the instructions listed in the hardness tester Operating Manual.

Lapping fluid

Lapping fluid

Ensures secure fixation and full contact with the plate at hardness measurements of small and thin articles.

Battery operated grinder

Battery operated grinder

Ensures appropriate preparation of the tested area on the tested article surface.

It is an ideal supplement for preparation of rough, uneven, corrosive surface and welding seams in the testing zone for hardness tester probe.

Regulated range of rotation frequency, r/min 5000 - 35000
Mass, kg 0,424
Battery charging time, h 3
Battery type LiIon
Battery voltage, V 10,8
Number of changeable accessories for grinding, cleaning, polishing, cutting and sharpening 60
Complete set plastic case,
charging device,
operation manual,
warranty coupon
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